Wednesday, 15 April 2020 12:59

How To Plan An Effective Marketing Campaign Strategy

eCommerce website design eCommerce website design

A marketing campaign should be backed up by a well-thought-out strategy to churn results. Your marketing team or your web development company must have a decent plan — to make sure the campaign pays off.

However, building a successful marketing strategy isn’t as simple as throwing a line and expecting to catch fish.

An effective campaign uses the right bait to achieve results, which is why your marketing initiatives need careful consideration before you set them in place.

What is the goal of your campaign? And how exactly can you plan initiatives to achieve the goal?

We suggest you reconsider the planning process with our tips, so your dollars are spent where they matter. Here are some tips to consider when preparing your marketing campaign strategy:

Define What Success Means To You

Specify goals beforehand and ask yourself: What is my brand looking for? Is it more conversions? Or a boost in search engine ranking?

Digital marketing provides endless possibilities, so it’s crucial that you settle on one. Once the parameters of your campaign have been defined, you can measure the effectiveness of your campaign strategy as it proceeds.

An important goal should be creating brand awareness. Ideally, you would want your brand to be a household name – like McDonalds, Oreo, or L’Oréal – and your initiatives should focus on popularizing the brand first.

Pro Tip: Use Google Analytics to track your digital marketing campaign’s progress.

Why is the eCommerce website design important?

If you have already decided on one strategy line for your brand, there is nothing else but to consistently implement the idea and plan. 

Yes, a well-planned strategy is half the battle for your brand. Everything you want to tell about your brand, what you want to impress your client, should also be outlined on your website.

Consistency between the advertising campaign and what the site presents is very important. A proven and experienced web development company will provide you with the right eCommerce website design.

Optimize Your Campaigns

Whether you plan to use Google Ads or choose SEO optimization for a business website?

Brainstorm keywords that your consumers are likely to use and keep them relevant to your brand. Test them out to see how effective they are!

A branding agency has content strategists and SEO professionals who can help devise a strategy that is good for your business.

Use Social Media

Social media advertising is an integral component of modern business. It’s perfect for building on consumer relationships and managing your brand image. It also tells where your consumers enjoy engaging the most and where you’re most likely to be heard.

Pro Tip: Customers can voice out bad reviews on social media too, so remain active and cater to their queries as early as possible.

Your campaign is only futile if potential customers are excited, but they’re dissuaded by bad reviews.  Reaching out to disgruntled customers builds trust in the relationship.

Offering a coupon can also encourage them to try your product/service again!

Retain Existing Customers

While your main goal should be to maximize conversions, it is just as important that you retain existing customers as well.

It's easy to sell to an existing customer than to build rapport from scratch with a new one. Provide great customer service and use email marketing to nurture customer relationships.

Learn And Make Changes

It is essential to review what strategies were successful in previous marketing campaigns. Look for times when prospective clients slipped through the cracks and prevent it from happening again.

There is no guarantee that your campaign will work — but tracking your progress can help avoid mistakes in the future. 

The Wrap Up

When devising a marketing campaign, incorporate each of these strategies to up your chances of success.

If you’re unsure how to go about it, an experienced branding agency can help improve your marketing campaign and scale your brand to new heights!