Tuesday, 01 February 2022 17:30

Make Your Living Room Cozy!

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Winter is coming! And there is no denying that people prefer to spend most of their time at home. So it is essential to use decor accessories to give your space a warm and inviting feel.

When designing your place, make sure that it will provide the entire room with a winter feel. 

You can easily convert your space into an icy winter, a snug refuge with winter decor; it is all up to you. Please look at these suggestions for making your living room warmer and inviting.

Embrace the Walls

The first step towards making your living room cosy is to reconsider the palette. Try these tips:

For a Large Living room: The best way of bringing warmth to an ample living room is by incorporating two tones. You can add an accent wall of deep red colours with beige walls. Also, deep green, blue, purple look very bold and gorgeous. Use dark and neutral tones to bring drama, depth and lots of warmth.

For a Smaller living Room: Try single shades of neutral colours like beige, off white, cream and whites. They look very inviting and cosy in insulated log cabins. You can alter them up with accessories to bring an element of accent.

Wallpaper: If you don't like repainting, you can opt for an equally beautiful way. Install wallpapers with rich texture, colour and patterns. You can either wallpaper one wall with bold patterns or all with subtle minimalist prints.

Bring in Comfortable Furniture

For furniture, you can bring a cosy floor mattress and ottoman stools. In addition, a supersize sofa with natural colour looks super comfy. Pair it with a wooden centre table. The wooden shade of natural furniture compliments the comfortable look. 

You can go for bulky book stands, consoles, and dining tables for a spacious room. Opt for sleek vertical wall shelves for smaller lying rooms that cover more vertical space.

Add Layers of Love

Additional layers make your home warmer and aesthetically beautiful. It’s  more crucial for wooden living rooms as these patterns and warmth make them even more comfortable. For example, you can place coloured cushions on the couch. 

Place a large, soft area rug which is both anti-skid and comfortable on your feet. Also, put throws, blankets and lots of layers. Try out radiant patterns and colours for a Boho and relaxing feel.

Warm Lighting

The lights can genuinely make your living room feel like home and very pretty. You can opt for warm white shades of light for winters. The decorative lights like wall sconces, hanging lanterns, lampshades and pendant lights look perfect in wooden style living rooms. 

Introduce Tall Plants

Tall plants have their statement and own the look of a cosy living room. The foliage looks super refreshing and very welcoming. House plants are elementary to maintain and require little indirect light. Some top picks are Norfolk Pines, Dragon Trees or Dracaenas, Bird of Paradise, Triangle Ficus etc.

Final Words

So, spruce up your dream home for winters with cosy interiors and styles. Reconsider the tone patterns and bring some vintage style natural elements. Make this shared corner even more inviting with these helpful tips.