Monday, 13 June 2022 07:48

Why is 1920s-style decorating increasingly popular today?

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Interior design draws inspiration from various eras and styles.


Especially popular today is the art deco style, which originated in the 1920s. It is worth noting that 1920s styles appear not only in interior design, but also in fashion. Why is this 100-year-old style so popular and how can you decorate your interior in the art deco style?

The comeback of art deco thanks to movies and TV series

Fashion appears in cycles. Particular trends make comebacks like a boomerang, that is why the renewed fascination with colorful years between the two world wars was bound to happen. Series and films whose action takes place just in the years 1920-1940 have contributed to the reappearance of art deco. These two decades gave the world a unique style, which with its elegance, chic and distinguished taste can delight people in the twenty-first century.

Art deco is particularly evident in such productions as the "The Great Gatsby" and the TV series about gangsters from Great Britain, "Peaky Blinders". On the example of these two productions, it is safe to say that art deco is back in the living rooms. What is more, art deco is popular not only in case of interior decoration, but nowadays it is also very often chosen style for special events or even weddings. Gold, black and white, harmonious and geometric ornaments - this is the essence of art deco.

How can you arrange an interior according to art deco?

Arranging an interior in the art deco style is not complicated, because many of today's popular interior design styles perfectly match art deco. The main determinant of the style from the 1920s is the color scheme and monumental yet beautiful ornaments and accessories. Of course, all kinds of furniture are also important. When it comes to art deco accessories, there are all kinds of vases and sculptures, which perfectly fit into the style, such as the art deco vase. It is worth noting that such accessories also perfectly fit into interior design styles, which are extremely popular today, namely modern, loft and industrial styles. This is because art deco is a precursor of those styles, thanks to which all the art deco accessories match the above-mentioned styles.

Art deco is a real phenomenon nowadays. Interior decoration in this style is not difficult and complicated at all – you just have to select the right accessories.