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Teeth whitening with a Philips Zoom lamp: the benefits, how it works, where to buy an endless chip in the USA

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At the heart of the innovative Philips Zoom lamp teeth whitening technology is a special gel that reacts to the cold light of LEDs. Using this device, you can make your teeth 8 tones lighter in just one session (45-60 minutes). This procedure is usually completely painless, the patient does not feel any discomfort.


How the Philips Zoom lamp works

  1. The light of the lamp activates the gel, which releases active ions;
  2. The ions act on the double carbon bonds of the chromophore, causing the yellow pigment on the teeth to become discolored;
  3. The blue color affects the pigment molecule, which destabilizes the carbon bonds - thus, the whitening effect is enhanced.

The effect of the Philips Zoom lamp is visible immediately after the end of the procedure, and in order to maintain it, the patient is advised to refrain from eating, drinking and smoking for several hours.

Why Choose Philips Zoom for Teeth Whitening

This technology has a number of advantages:

  • Teeth whitening in one session;
  • The Philips Zoom Lamp is effective for whitening no matter what causes the discoloration of the teeth;
  • Lack of discomfort - the flow of light is adjustable;
  • The result with proper dental care lasts 5-6 years;
  • Philips Zoom whitening does not damage enamel.

Consumables: where to buy in the USA

Each whitening session requires a set of consumables. The most expensive of them is the chip for zoom whitening light guide that starts the lamp session. It is designed for 4 launches. That is, one patient - one chip. However, the procedure can be significantly reduced in cost if you use the Bleach Infiniter invention - an infinite chip that constantly shows all 4 cycles available. Now you can buy it in the US by ordering the device on the official website of the manufacturer. This chip is compatible with most types of Philips Zoom lamps, including the latest models.

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