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The best supplements for athletes

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Significant physical activity in sports requires athletes to constantly use all the capabilities of their bodies. While proper nutrition plays an important role, taking dietary supplements can be a change-maker for reaching the best result and effective muscle recovery.


There is a wide range of supplements you can choose from. Let’s narrow them to the crucial ones which are widely available in many stores including Mexican pharmacy.


Creatine is an amino acid that provides muscle energy during exercise. Also, creatine speeds up metabolism and increases overall body endurance.

When the amount of creatine in the muscles is too low, the effectiveness of the workout decreases because the muscles are quickly depleted and you can feel long-lasting fatigue. That’s why it is very important to monitor levels of creatine and take it if needed.


 Polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids have a profound effect when it comes to recovery after doing sports. Taking omega-3s supplements available in Mexican pharmacy online is a scientifically proven way to reduce muscle swelling and soreness and improve your state after exhausting exercises.

Not only do omega 3-s help you to get back on your feet but are also taking part in muscle growth. When you take protein, omega-3s are the ones that help to process it.

 Vitamin D

 Vitamin D is taken as a supplement or synthesized in human skin under the influence of UV rays. It is associated with reduced injury risk during workouts and better performance due to its interaction with receptors in muscle cells. Athletes who received adequate amounts of vitamin D showed improvement in muscle strength within a short period of time.

While vitamin D can be produced naturally in your body under the influence of the sun, its deficiency is a widely spread issue. If you are living in a region with fewer sunny days or just spend most of the day indoors, you may already be receiving not enough vitamin D. So if you are doing sports, consider taking vitamin D as a supplement sold in certified Mexican pharmacy to ensure your body will recover properly after physical activities.

B vitamins

 B vitamins are water-soluble compounds that don’t accumulate in the body but are extremely important for your health. Therefore, you need a daily intake of B vitamins to sustain the body. They are usually sold in vitamin complexes which can be found in the best Mexican pharmacy.

B vitamins recommended for athletes include:

  • vitamin B-1
  • vitamin B-2
  • vitamin B-3
  • vitamin B-6

B-1 (thiamine)

 Helps to quickly absorb carbohydrates from food and get the necessary energy from them. The lack of it can have a negative effect on the development of your endurance as an athlete.

 B-2 (riboflavin)

A powerful antioxidant that promotes the optimal course of almost all metabolic processes. Participates directly in the synthesis of hemoglobin, which has a positive effect on muscle growth. In addition, it accelerates recovery from severe injuries.

 B-3 (niacin)

A catalyst for a huge number of metabolic processes related to energy extraction. Besides, studies have shown that a sufficient amount of this vitamin has a positive effect on getting beautiful abs.

 B6 (pyridoxine)

 Enhances the action of riboflavin, accelerating protein metabolism. It is also involved in all processes of protein tissue growth and regulates the state of the nervous system.

In general, all the supplements have an important role in keeping your body strong and they often complement each other. You can browse what the online Mexican pharmacy website  has to offer and choose the supplements you need.

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