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4 Tips for Making the Perfect Private Cinema Room

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Watching movies at home is a great pastime, especially in times of pandemic where you don’t always have the luxury of going to the cinema to watch the latest releases with your friends or significant other.


Unfortunately, most casual TV setups don’t provide an experience close to what you’d get at a movie theater - smaller display, not enough room to sit comfortably, and lacking audio are the most common issues.

Creating the perfect home cinema isn’t easy - here are 4 tips for making the best private cinema room that will help you:

1. Choose the right room

The first step includes pre-planning - do you know which room will act as your at-home movie theater?

When choosing the room for your private cinema room, there are a couple of factors to consider. First, make sure the lighting won’t create issues when watching. If there are windows in the room, we recommend covering them with opaque blinds or curtains for a better experience.

Make sure there’s enough space in the room of your choosing for seating. If you’re trying to save space, go for a sleek sectional rather than individual armchairs.

2. Get a high-quality sound system

If you want to have the best experience when enjoying your private cinema, proper sound will be instrumental. While a soundbar is a good choice if you’re on a budget or don’t have enough space, a full audio system will be much more enjoyable.

At uandksound, you can find high-quality surround systems at affordable prices, designed with home movie theaters in mind. Depending on your needs, you’ll find a variety of models in offer, ranging from studio freestanding speakers to in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that won’t take any room when installed. All uandksound speakers provide a refined audio experience and will work perfect for at-home concerts and home cinema movie screenings.

3. Select a display that fits the room

Both TVs and projectors can create amazing home cinema rooms - the main difference is, they usually work better in different kinds of setups. For example, if your private cinema room features a spacious, empty wall, it might just be a perfect place for installing a projector.

The lighting is also important when choosing between a TV and a projector. Brightly lit rooms will definitely do better with a TV, as they perform well even when there is light present. Unfortunately, most projectors require a dark room to provide good quality, especially if you’re looking for a budget one.

4. Don’t forget about ambient lighting

You might think a fully-dark room will provide the best watching experiences, but that’s not necessarily true. If you plunge your home cinema in complete darkness, your guests will have trouble finding their popcorn, going to the bathroom, or even interacting with each other - after all, this isn’t a formal cinema and you’re allowed and encouraged to share your feelings (but don’t be a nuisance to others!).

Smart appliances and dimmers allow you to automate the lighting and control it from your smartphone when needed. For the best experiences, install the lights towards the back of the room so they don’t distract from what’s happening on the screen.

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