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Top 5 places for a city break in Europe

City break in Europe  City break in Europe

A return to work after a long period of laziness during the holiday or Christmas is easiest brightened by planning a trip. There is not always enough time for going on a long journey, but cheap flights across Europe allow for a city break over the weekend. What are the best destinations? It depends on what you are looking for!


Paris - the capital of the world

Paris is a city which attracts people from all over the world. And although it is difficult to imagine a more French place, it does not lack international influences. Residents from other countries give it energy and diversity. Thanks to them, you don't have to go to the Caribbean to try the original Caribbean cuisine, and Indian restaurants are not inferior to the originality of the recipes and the quality of those from New Delhi. Thanks to cheap flights, you can take a real trip around the world in Paris in just a few days.

Paris will certainly be enjoyed by enthusiasts of history and art. You could spend the whole day in the Louvre, although it may not be enough for discerning visitors. In the evening, you can rest during one of the numerous spectacles or drink wine in an atmospheric restaurant. If you become tired with the unremitting rush, you can take a moment of break in one of the beautiful Parisian parks. Paris is the perfect place for those who enjoy having an action-packed rest and experiencing many stimuli.

The city of the waltz - Vienna

It is not difficult to find cheap flights to Vienna, after all, it is a city not far from the Polish borders. It is associated with the music of Mozart, the waltz, elegant cafes and sophistication - and it is exactly that. It’s not the crazy, colourful London - it is a city of beautiful white tenements and restaurants serving veal schnitzels, necessarily with a slice of lemon.

Vienna is a place for people who are particularly fond of experiencing high culture. One of its symbols is the Vienna Opera, which, although modernised, still focuses on exhibiting primarily classics and sticks to rather conservative performances.

Advent is the ideal time to fly to Vienna. The whole city enjoys beautiful fairs where you can buy traditional Austrian dishes, mulled wine, Christmas decorations, sweets and many regional products. The largest market is located by the town hall, but they are scattered throughout the city. The small ones, with just over a dozen stalls, are often prepared by local associations and have amazing charm.

Lisbon, a window to the world

The capital of Portugal is an exceptional place. It is a city completely different from all other European capitals, full of glamorous streets, squares and modern buildings. You will not find here the London rush, the Berlin avant-garde or the Parisian grandeur. Instead, you will find charming streets, clubs with fado music and brilliant cream cupcakes, also known as Pastéis de nata.

Lisbon was once a place where fearless sailors such as Vasco da Gama set off from the world. A monument located in the Belem district, reminiscent of a ship going out to sea is devoted to the conquerors. Today it is a city that still cultivates the memory of the past and seems to forget about the present. Even in the centre you will find tenements that could benefit from renovation, but they do not take away the charm of the Portuguese capital. It does not resemble Mediterranean cities, with their turmoil and energy. It is more calm, dreamy, which makes it particularly suitable for relaxing.

The city has several fantastic vantage points, there are many people sitting on the ocean shore near the triumphal arch in the evening. If you find cheap flights to Portugal, be sure to take the opportunity!

Lviv - to the East!

Lviv is a city with a rich and turbulent history. Once a Polish pearl, today it is flourishing as one of the most important Ukrainian cities.

It's a good idea for the weekend for everyone who must be wary of their expenses. Finding a cheap flight to, for example, Oslo is not a problem - it can be more difficult with expenses on site. In the case of Lviv, there are no such problems, although here too you can find luxurious hotels and expensive restaurants. Lviv is also a place for everyone who is looking for something other than popular Western European cities. Although there are still many Polish traces in it, it is after all a Ukrainian city.

In addition to the flagship monuments, such as the Lviv Opera, you cannot bypass the Armenian Cathedral and Wallachian Church. Everyday life is best observed in numerous bazaars, where you can hunt many historical souvenirs.

Milan, not just for fashion enthusiasts

When considering a weekend in Italy, many people will automatically think about Rome. However, the less obvious Milan has a lot to offer, and because cheap flights to Milan usually start and end at Bergamo airport, it's best to take a combined trip.

Milan is first and foremost a large and modern city in which one can get to know a slightly different face of Italy. Surely everyone has heard about how the south and north of this country are different from one another. However, there is something that binds the whole country into one and this atmosphere can be felt in Milan.

On the one hand, there is a street where the most famous global brands sell their products: Versace, Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana, while on the other, there is the Little Venice, or small streets located above the canals, where around 19-20 restaurants slowly open and fill up with local residents. During the day you can visit the old Sforza Palace with its gardens, and in the evening enjoy a match at the San Siro stadium.

Those thirsty for small Italian towns should go to Bergamo a little in advance before their take-off. The old part of the city has everything you are looking for in Italy: narrow streets, old churches, a lively square and fresh pizza sold in slices.

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