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Zakopane Tour

Zakopane tour Zakopane tour

Zakopane, the winter capital of Poland and home to some spectacular views, is an easy trip from Krakow. The road heading here named "Zakopianka".

It can be jams at times (OK, it will be very often, but it worth it), but when you get into town all that melts away in view of Tatra Mountains. Zakopane are known around the world because they have a pedestrian zone called Krupówki, with traditional buildings typically found only here

Krupówki – main street

When someone says — Zakopane, Poles will think — Krupówki. Krupówki is a perfect match for someone who likes folklore and... crowds. While some buildings can be seen as tacky, most other areas retain their highlander character for those who appreciate this traditional look with sturdy wooden cabins typically found along these types of roads! It's a perfect place to buy souvenirs, but also, for example, hats, when you are surprised by the cold. Everyone will find something for themselves here. It is also a perfect place to find a pub with delicious food when the walks get tired of us

Kasprowy Wierch

Something for mountains lovers. Kasprowy Wierch (1987 meters) is the most visited peak in Poland. In the season you can find countless tourists, most of whom decide to enter by cable car or if they're feeling more adventurous and up for an adventure hike at their pace; some people choose hiking trails divided depending on difficulty level into green route which takes about 3-4 hours., blue/yellow combined type making it less strenuous but still offering great views from top! Situating this mountain almost right smack dab between two other ranges makes getting that local panorama worth sacrificing those extra steps while going upwards.

Be Happy Museum – „instafriendly” place

For those who love social media, Krupówki will find the perfect place to take interesting photos.

A perfect photo for Instagram, or a video of your child on TikTok doesn't get more memorable than in Be Happy Museum. The original fairytale interiors are illusions that will appeal to all ages with their hundreds of changing scenes in different rooms including ones where you can eat something sweet while sipping delicious coffee at coffee places located inside!

Zakopane is a perfect place for everyone who loves tourist towns and mountains. You will feel an unforgettable atmosphere here. The mountain views are certainly breathtaking. If you are not afraid of crowds, walks around the city are for you. If you prefer solitude, choose valleys slightly to the side and enjoy the outstanding nature. If you love mountain tours, Zakopane tour is a must-see on your hiking map.