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An eternal dilemma - how to start a conversation with a girl?

How to start a conversation with a girl How to start a conversation with a girl

You like a girl - you pass each other every day on the bus stop, you do your grocery shopping in the same shop, maybe you know each other from work. You keep promising yourself that you'll finally talk to her, but every time you see her, you can't even say 'hi'. How to start a conversation with that girl?

Meet a wonderful girl

Sounds familiar? You're not the only one. A lot of men is afraid to make the first move, because they are scared of being rejected or laughed at. There is no one universal pick up line that will be useful in all situations. Overcome your fear even if in the beginning not everything will go as planned. Sooner or later you will meet an interesting girl and you will just know that you two are made for each other. Instead of overthinking, just go and start a conversation before she meets another guy.

There is no one universal answer to a question 'how to start a conversation with a girl'

Don't fool yourself that she will somehow find out that your intrigued by her. You know what they say - no risk, no fun. What do you have to loose? At least you'll find out if she's worth thinking about. Take advantage of the situation where you meet her. For example, you're in a shop with a lot of people around. Maybe you 'accidentally' bump into her shopping basket, for which you of course immediately apologise. And just like that you have a pretext to start a conversation. Women like men with sense of humour and they do not like intruders desperately trying to get their attention. They like to know the men like them, which is why it's so important that you pay attention to not only what you say, but also how you say it. If you avoid eye contact, your body language clearly shows lack of confidence - your chances of picking this girl up decrease significantly.

Be natural and meet your sweetheart

There is no one good answer to a question 'how to start a conversation with a girl'. Be natural and easy-going. If you're rejected, don't worry - smile, there are plenty of women around a world, and among them also the One.
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