Wednesday, 17 March 2021 17:54

How to use the potential of e-commerce websites

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The number of customers shopping online is constantly growing. The pandemic has caused people who previously shopped in brick-and-mortar stores now buy online.

Just like new customers are coming, the number of new online shops also increases. Your e-commerce should be not only competitive but also user-friendly. In this article, you can read how to link these two elements.

Improving user experience

Optimizing the user experience is essential to building an online shop. Does it only apply to businesses starting on the Internet? The answer is NO. The owners of operating e-commerce platforms should also constantly ask themselves how they can further improve the conditions of using their services.

Here are some examples you need to keep in mind when looking for areas to refine: 

1.Virtual product experience

The customer decides to buy online for several reasons: price, time-saving, necessity. Remember, there are certain aspects of the offline experience that a customer would not want to compromise -, suchs seeing the products thoroughly. E-commerce should replace these customer experiences as much as possible. 3D photos and videos of products, virtual fitting rooms, or walks around the facilities come to the rescue.

2. Ease of ordering

The last thing you care about is losing customers right before closing the deal. Make the order form intuitive and easy to use, and access payment methods as wide as possible. 

3.Delivery and returns

When choosing an online store, many customers are guided by clear information about returns and complaints and expect delivery the day after placing the order. Take this aspect into account and emphasize your brand’s flexibility - streamline the logistics process and offer customers an extended return time and one-day delivery.

 Data integration and modeling 

The actions described above are universal good practices, thanks to which you will improve your store’s reception in the eyes of the customer. Remember, however, that your work does not end there. Changes in e-commerce are the only constant. Those who stop analyzing and verifying the actions taken lose their potential. Therefore, your to-do list should always include:

  1. Analysis of user conversion paths, thanks to which you will understand which points of the current model are weak.

The critical factor here is to analyze all user paths, not just those that ended up selling.

  1. Emphasis on the correct selection of KPIs for the stage of the user’s path.

Last-click sales analysis is a great way to optimize channels: PPC, affiliation, remarketing. However, you won't optimize your display actions with it. For them, A/B tests and looking for an impact on additional sales growth are a more effective evaluation and optimization method.

Technology is not enough today

Times may change, and digital solutions grow at an express pace, but some rules in web design services remain valid. Without a team that understands the changes and what they mean to your business, there is no way to improve results or stop declines. Investing in know-how while adhering to the newly learned recommendations will pay off. With an ever more comprehensive offer, what to pay special attention to?

Your UX expert should constantly deepen their knowledge of the field they manage, but their effectiveness may be significantly influenced by, for example, the understanding of the differences in the needs of users who come to your website from paid search results and users who come there from the banner on the home page. Knowledge exchange between the marketing department, sales department, or IT team is essential.