Monday, 07 September 2020 15:17

Cable Grommets

Plastic Cable Grommet Plastic Cable Grommet

Cable grommets have a wide range of applications in many places. They work well in apartments and houses, but also in companies, offices, schools and other places where electronic equipment is used.

They are designed to protect the cables where the construction exposes them to damage that could lead to serious side effects or total damage. Instead of creating complex structures and using multiple extension cords, it is better to mount the cable grommet in the corner of a table or desk.

High-quality plastic cable grommets

An orderly office and room space is the goal of every home and company. Unfortunately, this is not always achieved. Tangled cables at the desk make a very negative image and can cause a serious damage. All the problems can be eliminated by buying professional cable grommets. Furnica’s cable grommets are made of high-quality plastics and can be mounted on your desk quickly and easily.

Plastic cable grommets and the look of the office

All Furnica’s cable grommets are characterized by the highest quality materials. products are available in different colors. You can choose between black, white, brown cream, gray or metalic. Choose the product that best suits your desk!

How do the cable grommets work?

After buying the cable grommet worrying about disordered, twisted cables won’t be your problem anymore. These products will prevent cables from moving. After closing the flap of the grommet, you can place the cable in the required place. You can place the products on a desk, floor or on a shelf. Plastic Cable Grommet -