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Jars packaging for cosmetics

Jars packaging for cosmetics Jars packaging for cosmetics pixabay

Jars packaging for cosmetics is becoming increasingly popular every month, year, and season. They are mostly made of glass and PET, but also of aluminium.

Why are they so favoured way of cosmetic packaging, and how can you use them as a cosmetics manufacturer? Find out the differences between types of jars and choose the one, which will be perfect for your purposes and fit all of your needs.

Why are jars so attractive to consumers?

Cosmetic jars are very practical, and the formulas contained in them are efficient. They can hold face cream, body lotion, and even cream deodorant. In addition, they look elegant on a shelf in the bathroom, which for many people is an important criterion when choosing cosmetics.

Furthermore, they can come in a variety of sizes - from small, travel-sized formats to large jars, which can contain hundreds of millilitres of cosmetics. Jars need to come with a classic cap. They cant be fitted with a dropper, atomizer, or pump. Even if they are big enough to fit the tube, its not a popular option.

As for the caps, they can be metal, gold-plated or classic. Plastic caps are also common. The choice is usually a matter of the individual preference of the manufacturer. More elegant, luxury cosmetics are often equipped with golden caps, but its not an obligation.

Jars: recyclable and reusable

When made of glass, cosmetic jars are very ecological. They can be reused as candleholders or packaging for thingamajigs. They also are fully recyclable, and many brands offer some discounts for giving jars back to the store.

And even if transportation jars with cosmetics, which often are heavy, are considered as the cause of the carbon footprint, they still are one of the most ecological ways to store cosmetics.

Different sizes for different needs

Jars packaging for cosmetics gives an opportunity to use them for many various types, sizes, and formulas of cosmetics. They can be liquid or almost solid. Due to that, you can choose that type of jar, which will be the best for your purposes. For example, transparent glass is kind of versatile choice, but the dark glass jar will be perfect for unstable formulas (such as vitamin C) or for cosmetics that shouldnt come into contact with the sunlight.

Aluminium jars will be whereas the best option for travelling and for storing loose products. There are also PET jars, which are also suitable for every type of cosmetics. They are good for kids products - plastic isnt heavy so it will be perfectly safe for children.

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