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Gaming today is a form of entertainment that has finally ceased to be associated with children's play and is considered one of the most important industries.

Therefore, the gaming market is constantly evolving and growing, as evidenced by the growing interest in electronic entertainment. Playing games can not only be fun, but also reap benefits, and that's what is about!

Bananatic – you play and profit!

The main purpose of computer games is to provide the player with entertainment. When playing multiplayer games, the player also experiences adrenaline and pure competition, thanks to which such gameplay is not only relaxing, but also extremely exciting. In addition to emotions, there can also be other benefits to playing games, such as skins for specific games, game keys, and gift cards.

Bananatic allows you to benefit from playing games every day! It is worth noting that the entire Bananantic system is based on collecting the virtual Banana coins. In order to collect coins, all you need to do is play a specific game and complete simple tasks to get coins that can be exchanged for prizes. Thanks to this, you can quickly get attractive prizes that allow you to enjoy the games even more.

What games do you need to play to earn Bananas?

The vast majority of players, hearing that you can earn a virtual currency by playing games, immediately think of flash browser games that have little to do with real entertainment. Well, in the case of   it is completely different, because the player earns a virtual Banana coins by playing such games as:

  • Counter Strike Global Offensive,
  • War Thunder,
  • Tibia,
  • Metin 2,
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic,
  • Fortnite,
  • World of Tanks,
  • Apex Legends,
  • Dota 2,
  • Minecraft,
  • Black Desert,
  • Quake Champions.

These are just some of the games where you can earn virtual coins. When it comes to prizes that can be exchanged for virtual Bananas, the number of benefits is really surprising and definitely encourages to take part in the Bananatic initiative. Game keys, CS GO skins, account top-ups in various games – these are just some of the prizes waiting for players.

Bananatic is a great way to combine relaxing gameplay with reaping the benefits of earning Banana coins.

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