Wednesday, 04 March 2020 17:31

With access control units and door intercoms you can secure access to any buildings facility

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Security is a priority today, both in residential buildings as well as in businesses.


Securing rooms against unwanted guests is often a matter of protecting company data and secrets, so you need to choose the best possible solutions. Modern technologies provide innovative ways to effectively protect rooms against unwanted people. Discover the most effective methods for the highest level of security from 2N!

Safety and comfort of use – the best ways to secure a room

Securing rooms is particularly important in company buildings, because intruders can do a lot of damage. Of course, we are not talking about accidental intrusion, but deliberate entry with the intention of stealing valuable data or confidential information. RFID readers that scan access cards are currently the most popular method of access control. This solution is used in most companies where employees receive access cards and only they can pass through specific doors. It is also possible to use readers that support both RFID and Bluetooth. By using Bluetooth, you can get to into rooms even without an access card, because your smartphone is enough. 2N has also introduced a reader that combines a touch keypad, Bluetooth and RFID. This solution provides a lot of possibilities. Lower-level employees will use RFID, higher-level staff will use Bluetooth, and rooms with special security will require typing in the access code. The latest solution is a fingerprint reader. Such a reader provides the highest level of security because fingerprints are one of the best security measures.

Choose the latest technologies that guarantee the highest level of security

In addition to readers, modern intercoms are also very often used for access control. IP intercoms by 2N are of the highest quality and are equipped with an HD camera. By using them together with access readers, your building will be fully protected against intruders. In addition, this will ensure that the employees pay more attention to maintaining high security standards. Increasingly often, the most valuable asset in companies is not equipment, but information.

Devices by 2N guarantee the highest level of security!